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YR NO Weather Forecast Galway City Galway is a joint online weather service that helps let everyone in County Galway know exactly what to expect when it comes to the weather forecast.  This weather service is from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.  These two particular public institutions have been working together to forecast and transmit their weather predictions since 1923.  This means that they have been forecasting the weather and broadcasting it to Norway, Galway and abroad for nearly 100 years.

What makes unique, is that in Europe they have been using a very detailed weather forecast system that they offer to everyone for free, as they have a very special free data policy.  Originally being released in the month of September of 2007, it has quickly become a very popular site throughout many different countries, including Ireland, more specifically Galway.  In fact, in a study that was done back in June of 2008, it revealed that a total of 87 percent of all the population throughout Galway and the Norwegian population knew exactly what is.  Fast-forwarding to today, there are over 9 million unique users of every single week.

What You Can Expect from Galway is great because it offers you your local weather forecast in several different languages, some of which include English, Norwegian Nynorsk and also Norwegian Bokmal.  On top of offering the weather forecast in multiple languages, is also helps you find the exact weather for over 1 million different places throughout Norway, and over 10 million different places across the entire globe.  So, no matter where you are or where you are going in the entire world, there is a good chance that will be able to give you an accurate weather forecast.

Besides letting you know what the weather forecast is going to be in over 10 million different places around the world, also provides you with the must up to date news and facts that are related to the weather and the climate.  This is a great benefit as it allows you to always be prepared for the upcoming weather forecast, no matter where you are.

Residents of County Galway have become accustomed to using to get all of the weather information that they rely on.  In fact, without, the people of County Galway would be hard pressed to get the weather forecast, depending upon where they lived within the county.

No matter where you live though, it is always important to get the most up to date and accurate weather forecast.  This way you will be able to plan accordingly and be sure that you are never put into any type of emergency weather situation, which can potentially lead to an even bigger problem or bigger emergency.  And with broadcasting the weather forecast to over 1 million different places throughout Norway and over 10 million different places around the globe, there is literally no excuse when it comes to trying to find your area’s weather forecast.

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