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Deborah Divine – Eugene Levy’s Wife

Eugene Levys Wife – Deborah Devine – Age & Kids Wiki 

If you follow the American entertainment industry closely, you most likely know about Eugene Levy. He is a famous actor and has taken part in lots of movies and series. Some of his roles include Jimmy Murtaugh in the Cheaper by the Dozen films and Noah Levenstein in American Pie. Furthermore, he played the role of Johnny in Schitt’s Creek. He won an Emmy award for his role in this movie.

Eugene Levy might be very famous, the same, however, cannot be said of his wife, Deborah Divine.

Deborah Divine is an entertainer. She, however, is not a famous person. She is a wife to Eugene Levy and the mother of Sarah and Dan Levy.

There is not a lot of information about how Eugene Levy met Deborah Divine. Nonetheless, they have been married since 1977. Although Eugene was already acting when he got married to Deborah Divine, for the greater part of his career, he has been married to her.

Divine is not very popular. Due to this, it is impossible to get news concerning her on the internet. Although not a famous personality, Deborah Divine has contributed her quota to the entertainment industry. Her roles as a producer, production manager, and screenwriter have made this possible. Deborah Divine has worked on various movies. One of them is Edge of Night.

Deborah Divine might not be generally famous, she, however, is associated with the show Maniac Mansion. This show was created by Eugene Levy her husband. It is was aired on YV and Family Channel between 1990 and 1993.

Deborah Divine is surrounded by hilarious people. She is also a funny person herself. She is not very much associated with social media because she does not have a presence on Instagram. This, regardless, she has an account on Twitter.

Deborah Divine and Eugene Levy have been married for a long time. They, however still seem very much in love. On his birthday in 2019, she wished him a happy birthday in a very hilarious way. She wrote ‘,Oh, AND Happy Birthday to my @Realeugenelevy whose anti-aging thing is starting ti piss me off!’ She did not stop at that. She went on to say he was more interested in golf than listening to award noms

About Deborah Divine

Deborah Divine was born on the 6th of August 1959 in Canada to Patricia Divine, a famous singer from Canada. Patricia was a successful singer and got an invite to perform at the Royal Conservatory while her career was coming to an end. Patricia is perhaps greatly remembered for performing at the Royal Conservatory when her career was ending. Her first contact with the Royal Conservatory was when her career just started. She started singing at The Royal Conservatory in the 1940s. At this time, she was learning from some of the biggest names in the industry. She, however, could not continue because of financial constraints.

 Although the daughter of a famous entertainer, members of the public are not sure what the identity of her father is. 

Deborah grew up in Canada. Although she got married to Eugene Levy in 1977, she started dating him 4 years earlier. Eugene and Deborah got married at a fairly big wedding. Their wedding was attended by up to 300 people.

What Does Deborah Divine Do

Deborah Divine might not be a famous person. Nonetheless, she is known for something. She is a screenwriter. As a screenwriter, she has been on projects such as ‘The Edge of Night and Another World’ and ‘Higgins Boys and Gruber’. Although she is generally known as a screenwriter, Deborah Divine is best recognized for working as a writer on Manic Mansion. This television show was created by Eugene Levy and aired in the 1990s.

Does Deborah Divine Have Kids

A lot of people consider Deborah lucky to be married to a great actor. While this is a beautiful thing, it is not the only beautiful occurrence in her life. Deborah has two children. They are Sarah and Dan Levy. Sarah and Dan Levy might be famous as children of a successful entertainer. However, beyond being children of a successful entertainer, they have both made their marks in the entertainment industry. Dan is responsible for the creation of Schitts Creek, a hit series that brought him an Emmy Awards. In addition to creating this series, Dan and his sister also acted in it. Sarah has not only acted in her brother’s series. She has also taken part in lots of other exciting projects.

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