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Fonez Galway

SIM Free Phones & Second Hand Phones Ireland from Fonez Galway

In this modern era, people find it extremely necessary to stay in touch with each other. Although this was not the case in the past, things have change a lot in recent times. In order to ensure proper safety, people carry mobile phones around wherever they go. Whether you talk about a high school student or a professional or a businessman or any other person, you will always find a mobile phone with almost every person. It not just helps you kill leisure time, it also allows you to inform your near and dear ones about your location and whether you will be late to return home or not.

Due to the rise in the demand of various communication devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, you will find a sudden spring in the number of manufacturers of these products. It is needless to say that if you use a mobile phone or a tablet, you will definitely require a sim card to make calls and send out text messages to people. In fact, sim cards are also important for you to access the internet while on the move. If this seems inconvenient for you, then you may opt for mobiles phones and tablets that are made by Fonez.

About Fonez

When you talk about Fonez Galway, you basically refer to a company in Galway that happens to be a Sim Free Specialist. The company is a leader in Ireland when it comes to sim-free tablets, mobile phones, phone accessories, and even device repair and phone unlocking services. They provide all the latest mobile phones in the market from some of the leading manufacturers at a comparatively reduced price than the market price.

All of their phones are sim-free that allows you better control and flexibility over pricing plan and network selection. Apart from their devices being at a lower price than the retail value and sim-free, you also get a 1-year warranty for any product that you purchase from them. This helps you enjoy a peace of mind for at least a year.

Ever since the company started its business in the year 2010, Fonez has setup 4 different retail stores across Ireland. It has successfully employed more than 50 people across the company. All of the employees work tirelessly to bring Fonez to its top potential and the company, itself, has no plans to stop its never-ending expansion.

The Future Is Bright

Fonez started its business as an online retail store in the year 2009. During those times, they thought that this was the best possible and highly efficient way to make their deals readily available to the people. Thanks to the great feedback from customers, high demand of their products and rapidly growing popularity, Fonez decides to start its retail store chain as well. It opened its first retail store in Corbett Court Shopping Center in Galway in the month of September 2010.

After the Galway retail store received immense love from the customers, they decided to expand further. Their second store was in Burnfoot, Donegal in the month of May, 2015. Later they opened a third store in Letterkenny in the year 2017.

The Sky Is the Limit

With time, the popularity of pre-owned phones grew in leaps and bounds. In the month of September, 2016 Fonez opened a third store in Cork City. As a result of this, the company made itself available to the people of the southern part of the country.

The company had been trying hard to rebrand Fonez in the year 2019. A part of this mission was the launch of their new brand zRepair. This new company was created to give great repair services to their customers in all of their stores. They also posted their repair services online. Apart from starting zRepair as their brand new repair company, Fonez also opened its fourth store on Cruises Street, Limerick. This store was fitted with all the modern looks.

Products by Fonez

As discussed above, Fonez provides a wide range of the latest mobile phones to its customers that are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the mobile phone industry. Some of these manufacturers include Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, and Huawei.

Fonez also sells tablets that are made by popular global companies to their customers as well. Some of these manufacturers include Asus, Acer, Alcatel, Samsung, and Apple. Phone accessories that are sold by the company include flash drives, SD cards, chargers, phone cases, car chargers, ear pods, power banks, speakers, earbuds, and screen protectors.

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