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Tiffany Rivers – Philip Rivers Wife

Philip Rivers Wife Tiffany Rivers – Children Wiki Kids Age

The name Tiffany Rivers has become a household name.  She did not only become popular because she is the wife of NBA basketballer Philip Rivers, but she is also known for her role in birthing the Hermoza swimwear brand. 

Tiffany stands as a true model for her brand by portraying deletable Glamour in her fashion sense. She is a notable personality in the fashion industry, and her ideas stand her out in her entrepreneurship game. Hermoza today has gone beyond basic to Classic. She is indeed a daring icon that is never afraid of testing new waters. Beyond her successful career and Marriage, another remarkable thing about Tiffany is the graceful motherhood. She is mother to nine healthy children.

Early Life

Tiffany was born into the Goodwin family in the city of Alaska, USA, on the 18th of September in 1982. She moved to Alabama during her childhood, and there she spent a good part of her early life. During her high school, she met and fell in love with Philip Rivers, who later became her husband and father of her children. 

Philip was her senior in high school, being just a class ahead of her. In 2000 Philip got into North Carolina State University, and of course, Tiffany joined him a year after to continue their love journey.

How She Met Philip

According to Tiffany, she and her husband have known each other since forever. Actually, they had started dating when they were in high school. She and Philip had formed a very inseparable bond that it was difficult for them to be apart from each other for too long. One year seemed like eternity. 

When Philip became a freshman in the university, he got permission from her parents that he was free to go ahead and propose to the love of his life. Even the coach of his team consented to the proposal. So they got engaged in his first year and married in his second year at college (2001).

Mother of Nine Children: 

The love story of Philip and Tiffany will pass for a Hollywood blockbuster. Even though they were both actively involved in their education, they never allowed it to affect their family life in any way. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter at their first year of marriage and named her Haley River. The addition of a newborn into the River’s love story brought many changes into their home. 

The reality of Parenthood became apparent, coupled with the fact that they were both University students at the same time. Therefore they decided to take a little break from childbearing, which lasted for the next three years. After that, they welcomed another beautiful angel named Caroline River. Two years later, they decided to have another baby, and then came a bouncing baby boy named Gunner Rivers.

In 2010 the River family welcomed another baby girl and named her Sarah Rivers. Catherine River was born after Sarah, and at this point, the couple decided to keep having more babies. The next year Peter Rivers was born, followed by his sister Rebecca in 2013, and Claire came as the seventh in 2015. In 2019 Anna was born around March. She is the baby of the house.

Tiffany Relationship With her Husband

In an interview with Philip, he said he and his wife Tiffany go out on regular dates, and sometimes they look for time to be together all alone. They have been able to successfully manage their careers without allowing it to affect the home front.

Tiffany Career and Networth:

Tiffany Rivers is proof that one can be a successful businesswoman, a good mother, and an amazing wife at the same time. She launched her swimwear product (Hermoza) in 2018 in a partnership with Marisa De Lecce and Cuker under the Endorsement of Philip Rivers, Tiffany’s husband. This clothing line produces classy and fashionable swimwear for women.  Her goal is to set greater beauty standards in the area of swimwear. This brand has been featured in several notable publications worldwide, including Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Elle, and many more.

Given as an entrepreneur of a leading fashion brand, Tiffany is already too busy, coupled with the reality of being a mother of nine young children. Being a wife to her loving husband is demanding, but she is still actively involved in philanthropic exercises despite all these. Beyond that, she has become a voice to reckon with in raising awareness of Type 1 diabetes since 2019. Today in 2020, she is yet to give out the true details regarding her net worth. 

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