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Smyths Galway – Toy Superstore

Smyths Toys Shop

Smyths Galway has a chain of stores thought out Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Ireland. This store is an Irish store that has a reputation for selling children’s toys, as well as entertainment products. It is a business owned by the Smyth family.

Although Smyth toy superstore can be found in various cities in Europe, it has its head office in Galway, Ireland. This is in Lyrr Building 1 in the Mervue Business Park to be precise. Its other offices are in London and Belfast.

How Successful in Smyth Galway – Toy Superstore

Smyths toy superstore is obviously a profitable company. This is one of the reasons for its expansion. Although a profitable firm, this store is not just profitable. It is one of the most successful Irish retailers outside Ireland. While Musgrave and Dunnes Stores, two of the biggest indigenous stores in Ireland and bigger than Smyths toy superstore are also family-owned, outside Ireland, Smyths toy superstore is the most successful retail store.

Although Musgrave and Dunnes have stores in Spain, in very recent times, they seem just focused on Britain while their stores out of Britain are left to suffer.

Unlike the stores mentioned above, Smyths has completely taken over the market in Ireland and the UK. In about ten years, it has opened over 100 big retail stores. Its sales in the UK are currently about €675 million.

While Smyths toy superstores is growing rapidly in the UK, there is a likelihood that the growth it is experiencing might slow down a little due to the issue of Brexit.

Smyths toy superstores was able to get bigger in Germany because of the financial security faced by Toys R. Details have it that it spent about €62 million in acquiring this firm.

How Did this Superstore Come into Existence?

Smyths toy superstore was established on the 23rd of December 1986 in Claremorris, County Mayo. It is operated by four siblings. They are Thomas, Liam, Pradraig, and Tony Smyth. 

Smyth toy superstore is obviously not the only toy store in Ireland. It, however, is the biggest retail toy store in Galway and Ireland. This store is definitely a very successful venture. It, however, is not free from its own share of downtimes. On the 27th of July, 2016, there was a fire incident in the building housing one of its stores. This incident led to the loss of one of its stockrooms. The damage to its property led to a temporary closure of the shop. Operations, however, resumed after a repair was done.

The directors at Smyth Toys unlimited company are not just directors at this firm. They are directors at other Irish firms. 11 of the firms they direct are closed. Furthermore, this firm has 2 shareholders and is growing at a very fast pace.

How Did Smyths Superstore Get to Central Europe

For many years as a major superstore for the sale of toys, Smyths superstore was only dominant in Ireland. It, however, expanded into Switzerland, Germany, and Austria in 2018 after acquiring Toys “R” in the above-mentioned countries. Although this acquisition was done in 2018, rebranding took place in 2019.

Best Selling Toys

Smyth toy Superstores has been successful in selling a lot of toys. However, the sale of certain toys are a lot more than those of other toys and have gone a long way in helping this firm become very financially successful. Some of these toys are Power Rangers, Hatchimals, and Star Wars Lego. The sale of these toys help Smyth toy superstores to almost get double pre-tax profits in its operations in the UK.

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