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Meyrick Hotel Galway – The Hardiman

The Hardiman (Formerly Meyrick Hotel Galway) in Ireland

Formerly known as the Meyrick, The Hardiman is a hotel that doubles as a landmark in Galway. It was established in 1852 and stands on the Eyre Square. A night spent in the Hardiman hotel is one that can make guests feel at home even though they are so far away from home. This hotel has been existing for more than a century. It, therefore, has hosted lots of special occasions, as well as important guests.

This hotel is located in the heart of Galway and is a blend of opulent luxury and Victorian grace. Once you are at the main transport hub in Galway, you can find your way to this hotel by simply walking for a minute.

Beyond offering lots of standard amenities, Meyrick Hotel Galway occupies a strategic position in the city. It is positioned in a spot that cannot be any better. The reason for this is from this hotel, you can easily get to any of the major amenities in Galway. While this hotel is a great place to pass the night, beyond the comfort you get from the time spent in it, you can always explore check the Wild Atlantic Way.

About the Hardiman

This hotel has been existing for a long time and has gone through quite a couple of name changes. Lots of people have wondered why the name of this hotel was finally changed to the Hardiman. While there could be various reasons for this, it was changed to the Hardiman because of some of the achievements of a man called James Hardiman.

This hotel was named after a man called James Hardiman who was known for being passionate with arts, history, and culture.

Hardiman was born in 1782 in Westport Co Mayo. Hardiman studied law at the King’s Inns Dublin and became a solicitor in 1814. Before doing so, he lived in Galway. He was known to be in love with Irish cultural traditions and history. Due to his passion for history and couture, he carried out some research and came up with his first book. This happened in 1820 and this book was called  ‘History of the town and county Galway’.

Although Hardiman is known for his love for arts and culture, there is more to him. He also loved traditional Irish music and spoken word. Due to his love for music, he spent some time travelling through Roscommon and Longford. While at this, he collected different Irish songs and verses.

What was this Hotel like before it Was Named the Hardiman

Hotel Myrick went from one name to another before it settled at the Hardiman. It started out as the Railway Hotel and was changed to the Great Southern. It did not end at this. It went on to become Hotel Meyrick before it was finally called the Hardiman. It was given each of the names at different times for a specific reason. Due to this, it will be impossible to talk about the hotel without giving some attention to its various names. Hotel Meyrick has played host to soldiers, actors, kings, princes, writers, and heads of states and is still affordable to regular people.

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