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Grant Chestnut

Morris Chestnut’s Son – Grant Chestnut Wiki (Age, Biography, Education)

Grant Chestnut is the son of Hollywood giant Morris Chestnut, famous for the movie “Boyz n the Hood” and many more. Morris has always been proud of his children, and not much is known about them. Grant has been known to the world thanks to his father, and in this article, we’re going to talk about his life, and his father’s. Primarily because it is due to his parents that Grant receives a lot of the success he’s ben able to achieve in life thus far.  Not a lot of info is out there when it comes to the family members of celebrities though, because they end up often covering their personal lives up to the media (with the exception of the slander that paparazzi often brings out).

Who is Grand Chestnut?

Grant is Morris Chestnut’s son, and he graduated from the University of Boulder, Colorado. Grant, who’s father has been in movies like “The Best Man Holiday” and many more, has successfully graduated with a degree, and an amazing intelligence that he has boasted on many social media pages. He ended up graduating in 2019, and he shared with the world his achievements, despite not really being in the limelight. His sister, Paige, is currently attending the same college, but is also pursuing a modeling career. 

The Life of His Parents

Married back in 1995, Morris Chestnut has been able to celebrate his nearly 25 yeas of marriage as well as share the one thing that many Hollywood couples rarely do. Most actors and celebrities barely ever make it to even a decade, with a few exceptions. The media has had numerous interviews where they asked how the couple does it, and their response is something that shouldn’t be surprising – communication is the key to all successful marriages, and completely important.

For example, Morris Chestnut ended up turning 50 in 2019, and later on that year, his wife Pam also got a birthday surprise. She got a surprise party, complete with a brand new car from her husband.

Morris Chestnut, who is also very famous for his work on “Ladder 49” talks about his wife non-stop and can’t do anything other than show his appreciate her. Every time they are walking during events on the carpet, they turn heads with his relationship. He also points out that respecting each other 100% is another crucial thing that’s kept them together and helped them be better parents.

More About Grant

In College, it is known that Grant Chestnut is only one out of the four students who was at the top of his class in business experience and problem solving skills. He ended up doing the P&G CEO Challenge, and was one of the top four.

It is known that to this day, Grant Chestnut is not dating anyone, and that he is maintaining a personal life that’s private from his Hollywood father. He works out, and is well built. His height and weight is not actually known, but we can assume that he has a pretty athletic build since he works out on a regular basis. He carries himself with short dreadlocked hair. 

How Much is Grant Worth?

Other than the fact that Grant Chestnut is on Instagram, his net worth is currently unknown. It is known that Morris Chestnut’s net worth is approximately 8 million dollars since last year, with an average income of about two and a half million dollars annually. Grant’s mother is equally important though, and it’s told that her net worth is around 4 million U.S. Dollars to date.

He appears and continues to carry a professional image at all times, and what his career choices are is unclear as well. His degree is in advertising and it is known that he probably uses these skills to work in the advertising or business industry. He continues to be around his father on a regular basis, and is often seen during family events.

Conclusion: Other than Social Media, is Grant Active?

Many people say that they have seen the Chestnut family when it comes to numerous red carpet events, but many people don’t know anything about the kids. Other than being Morris Chestnut’s son, and being a college graduate, his life is extremely private. Morris and his wife Pam have done everything they can to shield Grant and his sister from being in the primordial limelight that Hollywood ends up often shining down on acters and their children, as well as their siblings. We’ll see what the future holds for Grant, but at this time it is unknown

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