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The Galway City Council is the responsible authority for all of the local government in all of County Galway, which is located in Ireland.  Being that it is a county council, this means that it is going to be governed by the Local Government Act 2001.  The Galway City Council are the ones responsible when it comes to the community and housing, transportation and the roadways, any and all urban planning and the development of it, the culture, amenity, and even the environment of Galway.  There are a total of 39 members on the council who have all had to become elected members.  If you are interested in running for a spot on the Galway City Council, they have an election every five years and is done by using a single transferable vote.  The head, who is also the lead of the group, has the official title of Cathaoirleach.  The head of the county administration is referred to as the Chief Executive. The county seat takes place in Galway city at the county hall, or as they refer to it in Ireland, the Aras an Chontae.

The Galway Municipal Districts and Electoral Areas

When it comes to the Galway County Council, it is divided up into several different municipal districts, all of which contain local electoral areas (LEA), which are further defined by the electoral divisions.  Here is a breakdown of each of the different municipal areas.

  • The Municipal District of Athenry:  With the LEA from Athenry – Oranmore, this district is allowed 7 seats on the council.
  • The Municipal District of Ballinasloe:  With this district’s LEA being the same as the Municipal District, they are allowed 6 seats on the council.
  • The Municipal District of Conamara:  With two different LEAs, they are Conamara North which is allowed 4 seats on the council, and Conamara South which is allowed 5 seats on the council.  So overall, the Conamara district is allowed a total of 9 seats on the council.
  • The Municipal District of Loughrea:  Another district with two different LEAs who are both allowed to have 5 seats on the council apiece, they are Gort-Kinvara and Loughrea.  
  • The Municipal District of Tuam:  With an LEA that is the same as the Municipal’s District, Tuam is allotted 7 seats on the council.

When it comes to the Galway City Council, they are in charge of making sure the entire County Galway is taken care of and that all of the people who live within the county are happy with what is going on.  While this may sound like an easy task to do, it can actually be quick tricky and become very difficult, very quickly.  That is actually the exact reason why elections are held every five years.  If the people are unhappy with how the elected officials are getting the job done, they can very easily vote somebody in their place who they feel will do a better job over the next term.  This is why the Galway City Council has been able to do such a great job throughout its history.

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