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Galway Bay Hotel

Galway Bay Hotel Salthill Deals, Spa & Entertainment

When it comes to finding the best hotel to meet all of your needs and requirements, it can become very tough, very quickly.  With all of the different hotel choices out there, how are you supposed to know which is going to be the absolute best one?  And what if you are visiting another country?  This only makes it that much harder to find the right hotel for you.  With that being said, there is actually one hotel that will provide you with everything that you could ever possibly want, but will also be one of the best overall experiences that you have ever had at a hotel, even if you are visiting from another country.  What hotel is that you are wondering?  Well, it is the Galway Bay Hotel in Ireland of course!

With some of the best service that a hotel has ever offered, the amenities alone will be more than you could have ever hoped for.  Some of these award-winning amenities include:

  • A simply stunning beachfront location and views that will simply take your breath away
  • A short 5-minute drive from the famous Galway City Center
  • A location that is directly on Wild Atlantic Way
  • Some of the most award winningest restaurants, cafes and bars for you to enjoy on a daily basis
  • Unlimited free access to a pool fit for a king and the leisure center
  • Free Wi-Fi and free parking included with every room

Even if you are not looking for a place to lay your head while in the area, the Galway Bay Hotel is so much more than just a typical hotel.  In fact, they offer so many things that it will blow your mind.  One of the main things that the Galway Bay Hotel is known for, is putting on some of the best evens in the entire area.  If you have any type of celebration or event coming up, there is no better way to celebrate or host it than at the Galway Bay Hotel.  Let the hotel’s immaculate service do all the hard work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy whatever your event or celebration is for.  Everything will literally be taken care for you.  This includes the setup, all of the food, the cleaning, and everything in between.  Let the professionals at the Galway Bay Hotel show you an event or celebration should be done.

Besides being a great option for events and celebrations, the Galway Bay Hotel is also the perfect place for you to relax.  If you feel like taking a dip, you can indulge yourself at the indoor pool and spa.  Want to be outside?  Bring a beach towel and relax on the beaches of Galway Bay all day long.  With the world-famous bars and restaurants on site, you will have no problem getting some delicious food and drink to help make your beach day one of the absolute best ever.

As if all of that weren’t enough, the Galway Bay Hotel also takes care of all their guests, all the time.  With special promotions that run throughout the year, there is always going to be an option that will be best suited for your particular financial situation.  And if you will be staying with your family, their family packages are second to none.  

With everything that the Galway Bay Hotel has to offer, it really is the absolute best choice when it comes to hotels in the Galway area.  However, they also have more benefits than the ones that have been listed above.  

Benefits of the Galway Bay Hotel

When you go to a hotel, you are obviously going to want the absolute best that you can get.  Nobody wants to check in to a hotel to find out that the sheets haven’t been washed for the last three people to stay in that room and that the food the hotel serves are similar to what you may find in a dumpster.  With that being said, here are some other benefits of staying at the Galway Bay Hotel.

Whether you are travelling for pleasure or for business, when you stay at the Galway Bay Hotel, it is simply going to satisfy all of your travel needs.  You will have some of the best lodging and all of the services that you could ever want, at the tip of your fingers.  On top of that, with all of the 5-star amenities, it will also help you to have a trip that is simply trouble free.

With the Galway Bay Hotel, you are not just getting a comfortable to sleep, but the security and luxury that you deserve as well.  With the ability to either book in advance or simply walk in and book your stay, you have all the power during the entire check-in process.  This is a huge benefit as there are many different hotels and other accommodation that will not allow you to simply walk in to book your stay and will require that you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.  That is not true at the Galway Bay Hotel.  If you didn’t make a reservation, it is not a problem at all.  Simply walk in and let one of the courteous staff members get you all taken care of.

When you decide to stay at a hotel, it can be a very difficult decision as all hotels are not created equal.  Some will have terrible customer service, dirty rooms, and no amenities for you to enjoy. These are the hotels that give the rest of the hotels out there a bad name.  One of the big exceptions to these subpar hotels, however, is the Galway Bay Hotel.  It only offers the very best service, the cleanest rooms, property and common areas, and some of the best food and other amenities that you have ever seen.  And since it located right on the beachfront, it truly is one of the best hotels in all of Ireland. 

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