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Eye Cinema Galway

The Galway Ireland Eye Cinema 

Not to be confused with a regular cinema movie theater, the Eye Cinema Galway is much more than that.  In fact, the Eye Cinema Galway is actually what you would consider to be an event cinema theater.  You may be wondering what exactly event cinema is and what makes it so much better than a regular cinema theater.  Here is exactly why Eye Cinema Galway is the future of cinema.

While Eye Cinema Galway does of everything that a regular cinema does, such as play newly released movies, have special movie presentations of movies from the past, offer 3D versions of movies, as well as luxury screenings, it does more than just simply play movies as well.  You see, Eye Cinema Galway actually offers lie events as well.  With special one-night events that range from live shows to concerts, just about any event you can imagine can be had there.  As if that weren’t enough, they also have special promotions several times throughout the year, have special school screenings to help give back to the local community and further the local student’s education, and have a special birthday party package so that you and your best friends and family are able to enjoy themselves on your special day.

But what really makes eye Cinema Galway stand out above the rest with all of its event cinema, is the amount of diversity that they have to offer with their events.  One night you can be watching the newly released superhero movie, while the next you can be watching a live ballets performance, opera, stage musical, or even at a rock concert.  There are so many different event options at Eye Cinema Galway that you will never have another boring night again.  Here is a list of all the different types of events that they have, other than regular feature presentations and other movies:

  • Ballets
  • Concerts
  • Biography Movie Showings
  • Documentary Movie Showings
  • Live Stage Shows
  • Leve Theater Shows
  • Operas

Now you may be wondering what tickets cost for the Eye Cinema Galway.  While you may have been shocked by the event cinema that Eye Cinema Galway provides for you, the prices of the tickets definitely won’t.

With prices for the regular cinema ranging from $5.00 for students and early bird, all the way to $13.75 for the top of the line luxury theater, the prices are very reasonable if you are itching to go see a regular movie.  If you would prefer to upgrade and see the 3D version of that movie, the prices are going to range anywhere between $7.90 to $11.30, with the final price dependent upon the time of day you are attending, whether you are a student or senior, etc.  And what makes the Eye Cinema Galway even more awesome, is that if you are taking your family to the movies, they also offer special family packs of tickets as well.

No matter what type of entertainment you are looking to attend, be it a regular movie or some type of live event, the Eye Cinema Galway has got you covered.

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