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CeX Galway

CeX Galway Opening Hours, Location and More

CeX (Computer exchange) is a goods chain which is based in the United Kingdom. It specializes in computing, technology, video games and repair services. They buy, sell both new and reused electronics such as mobile phones, DVD’s, Blue Ray movies, computers, digital electronics, TV’s and monitor and music CD’s. They even have exchange options. The first store was founded in 1992 in London and has increased since then to around 380 shops in the UK and 220 shops around the globe.

About CeX

The store was founded by Paul Farrington, Hugh Man, Robert Dudani, Oli Smith, Charlie Booker & Oliver Ball. The first shop was opened on Whitfield Street in London. It was originally named Computer exchange but later the name was changed to CeX LTD. 600 shops were opened all across the globe out of which 380 were in the United Kingdom, 65 in Spain, 23 in Australia, 37 in Australia, 13 in Netherlands, 18 in India, 19 in Portugal, 9 in Poland, 4 in Italy & 35 in Mexico.

It is a private company which began issuing licenses for franchising. The company offers their clients either cash or a voucher to redeem at any CeX shops. Customers generally get 50% cash or 66% exchange of the price of the selling item at CeX. However, the condition of the product plays an important role when you sell it at CeX. CeX offers premium and new release items a very close price to the selling rate.

They also offer a 24-month warranty period on all reused items that the company sells. CeX launched the CeX Clinic, which was a repair service feature for technical items such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and video game consoles. The CeX clinic offers a 2-year warranty on the items they have repaired and a promise that if they can’t fix the item, they would not charge any fee to the client. They have repaired around 410,434 smartphones, 46,860 tablets, 21850 laptops and 66619 gaming consoles till date. They generally charge around £36 to £76 for repair of electronic devices. They have skilled engineers and technicians who have repaired 250,000 electronic devices. There are so many stores around the globe that you would never have a problem finding the CEX store.

What makes CeX different from the rest is the way they execute. Their trading is focused but they still keep a good product range. It has become well-known in the United Kingdom as an Entertainment and technology specialist. CeX has simplified buying and selling of electronic products. The goods are tested before they are bought from the clients and then sold with warranty which gives the person who is buying the products, the assurance that the product is of good quality and will last. They also have an online website which is active all day and night providing a seamless service to the retail stores increasing the income.

Reasons to Sell and Buy with CeX

  • It has 500+ stores all around the world which are open all week providing selling and buying options for all types of gaming, Film and TV items, Computers & Phones.
  • It has gained a lot of popularity across 11 countries and 4 continents.
  • Stores provide you full support on selling and buying of products.
  • They even have technicians and engineers to repair the products.

CeX Galway – Selling of Goods at CeX Store

It does not matter if you are selling a product on the website or store as the items you are selling are checked by the CeX internal technicians and engineers in the same way. The value you get would be based on the condition, the functionality and all the accessories you have provided with the devices. They have certain terms and conditions which they follow when they grade the items.

A Mint- This means the product is in new condition and comes with the box of the device and all original accessories are provided to them.

B Good- This means that the electronic device is in good condition but has limited accessories. A box is not required.

C Working – It suggests poor condition of the device but fully working with all original accessories. A box is not required.

F Non- working – (This feature is only for phones and iPad) the item must be in usable condition and not messed up. It should pass all tests such as the IMEI check. You are not required to provide any accessories. You should make sure to deactivate the iCloud account.

The CeX Galway store is located at 1 Williamsgate Street and is open all days. Monday to Saturday from 0900:1800 hours, Sunday timings are from 1200:1800 hours.

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