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Becky Robbins – Tony Robbins Ex Wife

Tony Robbins Ex-Wife Becky Jenkins Robbins

Becky Robbins is a perfect definition of jack of all trades. She is an American Philanthropist, a Life coach, an artist, an author, and a painter. 

She is equally famous for being the ex-wife of philanthropist Tony Robbins who also doubles as an author, a life coach, and an entrepreneur. Tony became famous for his self-help books titled Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power. 

Becky has excelled so much in motivational speaking and life coach business. She started as a motivational speaker at the tender age of seventeen, helping Jim Rohn promote his motivational seminars. Jim Rohn is also a renowned motivational speaker and author. 

Becky got married to Tony in 1984, but the couple divorced in 2001 after many speculations here and there. 

Height/ Age/ Weight

Becky was born in 1962, although she did not disclose her precise month and date of birth. Becky will be fifty-eight years in 2020. Her age has barely taken a toll on her as she still appears fit always every time she steps out. 

Her body figure measurement includes; hips- 34 inches, waist – 25 inches, and breasts – 32 inches. Becky wears a shoe size of 5. 

Becky is tall with a height of 6’5 inches (196cm) and 60kg (132 lbs).  She must have been doing a lot of exercises to maintain that weight even at such age. 

One cannot refer to Becky as an older adult judging by her facial appearance, which still glows like a youth. She is blessed with Blonde colored hair and dark brown eyes. 

Net Worth

Because of the demand for quality motivational speaking in the US, Becky has made quite a lot of money from her career as a motivational speaker and life coach. She has been doing it for a long and has gathered enough experience to make her stand out and be highly sought for. 

Becky has also grossed a lot of money from her other businesses and skills. Her footprint can be seen in the lives of many people in the US. 

As of late 2018, her net worth was over $1million, but there has been a significant increase because of her recent association with Tony. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million US Dollars as of today. 

Tony, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of over $500 million.

Education/ Family

Becky Robbins was born in California, US; she was also raised there. She has managed to keep her private life away from the public. Such we do not have information about her siblings or parents. 

We also know that Becky, like many other Americans, is a Christian by religion. There is not much detail on her educational background too. What we know is that she studied at her native high school in California.  

Becky was raised in an academic family where their women are taught to focus on music, arts, etiquette, and literature and their academics. Her upbringing did not give much encouragement to athletic events for Becky admired people who did them.  

Fashion and Style/ Career

As earlier stated, Becky started her career at 17 years when she usually promoted Jim Rohn’s motivational seminars. After that, in the early 1980s, she met a Neuro-linguistic programmer named John Grinder. Becky further grew into promoting various other seminars of strong personalities. At a point in her career, she once taught hypnosis lessons to NLP Erickson. 

Her very first infomercial, ‘Personal power,’ was greeted with a lot of support by US citizens and residents with exceptional support from Guthy Renker. Becky later sold ‘Personal Help’ for self-help purposes, and the tapes became famous. 

Over 2oo media markets continuously promote her innovative ideas, further cementing her place as a ‘Top Performance Trainer.’

Affairs, Boyfriends, and Husband

Becky first got married at the age of eighteen. Becky’s marriage to Tony Robbins produced a daughter named Jolie Jenkins, who has gone on to marry. Becky did not remarry after her divorce with Tony. 

Becky had divorced two times before she met Tony Robbins when the latter was becoming famous. She had three children in her previous marriage who were adopted by Tony. 

At the early stages of their marriage, Becky confessed that she felt empty and lacked courage, living a different lifestyle. However, she later grew out of it and started building a good social life with an intense zeal to learn new things. 

Her life with tony was the changing point, especially with Tony’s seminar titled ‘Unleashing the Power Within.’ 

Later, Tony and Becky went on many adventures together, although she first hesitated. But she later learned to drive race cars and scuba; she also learned sky diving, skiing, and bungee jumping. 

After building healthy self-esteem, she began to give speeches at schools and worked closely with underprivileged youths. She also assisted Tony in sponsoring the education of children and promoting a better lifestyle among them.  

The aftermath of the Divorce

Tony Robbins disclosed that he feared that his marriage to Becky would not last right from the beginning. But Tony does not like to disappoint people, especially Becky. So he kept moving on despite not being on the same page with Becky. 

Even after their divorce, Becky still believes in Tony’s message and business. She later rose to become the vice president of Robbins Research International. Becky does outreach work, conducts interviews, and also writes articles for the company.

Tony, on the other hand, remarried after the divorce in 2001. He got married to Bonnie Humphrey, and they are still happily married to date. He confessed that his new marriage is exciting and is like a gift to him. 

Favorite Things

Like every other person, Becky has some people she looks up to and some people she admires and chooses as her favorite in a particular line of work. 

These people include Dwayne Johnson (favorite actor), Megan Fox (favorite actress)

Becky also has Black as her favorite color, Paris, her favorite holiday destination, and Chinese dishes as her favorite food. She loves to do painting, shopping, and photography and also loves to travel. 

Exciting Details about Becky Robbins 

  • Becky studied the art of firewalk for her seminars
  • Becky’s daughter, Jolie Jenkins, got married to David Pagani, her longtime boyfriend.
  • Celebrities like Martin Sheen, an actor, and Fran Tarkenton, a former Quarterback for NFL, have been featured in Becky Robbins’ commercials.
  • Becky’s infomercial has been seen by over 100 million US residents and citizens.
  • Jolie Jenkins, Becky’s daughter, who is also talented, often draws paintings and sketches and present them in her gallery. 

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