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If you live in the Kentucky or Ohio areas, there is a good chance that you have heard about the Ledger Independent.  And just in case you have not, the Ledger Independent is one of the most up to date sources for all of the local news that is happening within the seven-county area of Mason, Bracken, Robertson, and Lewis counties in the Kentucky area, and Brown and Adams counties in the Ohio area.  In fact, on October 1, 2018, these seven counties actually celebrated their 50-year anniversary with the Ledger Independent.  However, the roots that Maysville’s daily paper was founded on can actually be traced back to over 150 total years.

First being published back on October 1, 1968, the Ledger Independent was started when the city’s two other newspapers were simultaneously bought out.  They were called The Daily Independent and The Public Ledger, and would end up being bought out by the Gadsden Times Publishing Corporation.  After this happened, the Maysville Publishing Corporation, which at the time had a former Gadsden Times manager as its publisher and president, would continue printing an afternoon version of The Public Ledger.  While their afternoon edition was great, the morning edition would end up carrying the masthead of both the papers.

Within the first few months of 1969, the Maysville Publishing Corporation would be putting out a morning edition of their paper six of the seven days out of the week.  They did so under the combined masthead of Ledger-Independent.  The independent and The Ledger had both been family-operated and owned newspapers.

The Ledger Independent would continue to routinely publish six newspaper editions per wee without incident until the year 1980.  This is the year when the Howard Publications, Inc., who were headquartered in Oceanside, California, would decide to purchase the entire Maysville Publishing Corporation.

Twenty-two years later, in 2001, the Howard family would decide to sell all 17 of the daily newspapers that they owned to Lee Enterprises, who was headquartered out of Davenport, Iowa.  This is goods news as it is under the ownership of Lee that the downtown Maysville newspaper facility would be built.

Again there would be a period of regularity until February of 2018.  This is when Lee Enterprises would sell The Ledger Independent and everything that came with it, to Champion Media, LLC, who is currently headquartered out of Mooresville, North Carolina.

While the Ledger independent may have had several different owners throughout its history, they remain located right in the heart of the seven county areas that includes the northern part of Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio.  They have seen tremendous growth in the quantity, as well as the quality of their productions over the past 50 years, always being able to meet the demanding and growing needs of the communities that they report on.  And if you were wondering, the Ledger Independent mainly reports on local information and news that is considered to be very important to the communities that they service.

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